HOOKED! (And on Repeat)

Recently, we went to our favourite, magical club in Berlin, Wilde Renate, to see dynamic duo, Douglas Lee and Andrew Lovefingers, as well as underground Berliner extraordinaire, Hugo Capablanca, rock the decks.  

We explored the club and got sucked onto a black-and-white-tiled dancefloor with this glorious Cerrone edit by the one and only Kon (of Kon and Amir).  Fortunately, "NY's Finest" (DJ) Eli Escobar got drawn there, too, and he was able to reveal the mystery song to us when we ran into him cutting a rug to it.  ;)

I can't stop playing it.  Talk about HOOKED!

Dancehall Diversion

This was a favourite on our recent Rasta-island-getaway (no, not to Jamaica, mon) soundtrack.  We were "liming" and cruisin' around the winding, seaside roads of the island -- seat back, top-dropped -- to this jammy jam.  #goodtimes

CAMP GABBY Intermission mix for RECESS New York

A few months ago, jet-set lifestyle & cultural marketing guru, Khairi Mdnor, asked me to be the first female DJ to present a 30-min summer mix for the launch of his hip, recreational lifestyle website, Recess New York.  Having booked top underground DJs at subMercer, which I also ran for three years, I was fortunate enough to have always been turned onto the best, new electronic bangers by the roster of deft talent that graced our decks.  Rather than putting out a straight, current electronic set, however, I decided to revisit past summer anthems of my youth that shaped and influenced much of my musical sensibilities.   Despite the limited time frame, I wanted the mix to still be representative of my longer DJ sets, which -- like my travels -- are always unmapped journeys, weaving through an array of genres that inspire me, but which hopefully also flow cohesively.  This mix made me really nostalgic for summers past and was an exercise in charting and appreciating my own musical development over the years.  Click on the image below to enjoy a piece of me!   

Cliff jumping at Waimea Beach, North Shore, Oahu, HI; Summer 2011

Cliff jumping at Waimea Beach, North Shore, Oahu, HI; Summer 2011